History Month

So much is happening this month and it is hard to realise that it is already May. Renewal time is here again so remember you can renew your membership online through the website or by calling or visiting the Guild office during the hours of 9.30 and 3pm.

The Guild Museum has an exhibition during the History Festival, (or History Month as it was). The exhibition has the title of “The Power of Embroidery” based on the History Festival theme of Power.  Embroidery through the ages has reflected cultural, social and the spiritual aspects of life. It has been used as embellishment and adornment to denote prestige and power in many cultures. Embroidered textiles can also commemorate significant events or provide insight into daily life. 

Embroidered textiles are an important way to express power and affluence, for example, Royalty and rank, through the use of symbols and motifs, and superior materials. A George II Sumptuary Declaration dated 1749, decrees the clothing and materials used for different classes of the population. On display are commemorative royal embroidered panels, a Chinese rank badge and embroidered maps of countries and states. The Museum has some rarely seen objects on display that are worth the trip.

The exhibition, which opened on  May 3rd, is curated by Dianne Fisher, Curator of the Museum of the Guild. Every Tuesday and Friday, for the month of May, the museum will be open to the public. Entry will be by donation. The exhibition will be up until July so if May is busy there will still be time to see it.

If you are visiting Victoria during May the Victorian Guild is hosting the Australian Textile Art Awards at their headquarters in Malvern. This is showcasing the best from contemporary artists from across Australia. The exhibition runs from May 18 to June 2.

As always check out the classes on offer. As well as local tutors there are some exceptional visiting tutors. I fancy the chook class and Marie Talbert always has beautiful achievable projects. Something for everyone and every level.