Copper Triangle

We are a group of approximately 10 – 16 members with varied talents.  Many of our members moved to the Copper Coast because of the lifestyle it offers during retirement and as such are a pretty chilled-out group.  To keep the group going and vitalized we have started encouraging members to bring any handcrafts they wish whilst still encouraging embroidery.

Branch meetings

2nd and 4th Monday of each month
9.30am – 3.00pm

Contact information

Elizabeth Kemp, President

Ms Jan Huckel, Secretary


Supper Room
Town Hall
71 George Street, Moonta

About our region

The Copper Triangle is an area bounded by Wallaroo, Kadina and Moonta. The area is so named because copper was mined in the area during colonial times. These three towns are known for their large Cornish ethnicity, often called “Little Cornwall”. Kernewek Lowender is the world’s largest Cornish Festival, held biennially in the Cornish Triangle.