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2024 Design Online with Barbara Mullan

This course is part of the Education program for the Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia Inc. Barbara Mullan is your tutor and will be in monthly contact with you during this course ( except July 2024 when she will be taking a textile group to the Top End of Australia including the Tiwi Islands).

The course runs completely online over the course of the year and consists of six modules which have been designed to enable students to design their own embroidery. They begin with a problem such as ‘How do I create a design for the embroidery on a …….?’. The course sets out to help solve that problem, by getting the students to explore the visual components of a design which are line, shape, texture and colour, and how to incorporate these into a composition which has balance and is pleasing to the student. The final outcome will be a completely original design created by the student.

Places in this course are limited to 6 and enrollments close Friday 23rd February 2024. When your application is received, you will receive a requirements list.

Students will receive their first module ‘What is Design’ when they enrol. The subsequent modules will be sent out as outlined below:

Colour Module- 29th February 2024

Line Module- 31st March 2024

Shape & Pattern Module- 30th April 2024

Texture Module- 31st May 2024

Composition & Evaluation- 30th June 2024

August, September & October- students work on their final designs. Barbara will respond to your queries and meet with you where possible.

Final Exercise due 25th November 2024


Thu, 29 Feb 2024
enrollments close


Members cost: $140


Embroiderers’ House
16 Hughes Street
South Australia 5031

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This class is booked out. If you missed out on a seat please get in touch to express your interest in a future class.